Wednesday, September 14, 2016

5 days until the party

Night 1

Hi my name is chris and I am 9 years old my brothers name is terence and i hate my brother because he knows that i hate animatronics and he made me go into my  own room with a scary dirty  plushie in a box there  little toy animatronics and if you want to get on with the story or if you want to know about me you can stick with this page if you want

I was at fazbear's pizza but didn’t want to be at that place and I've heard stories about they come at night and eats kids and my dad is at work and my mom is too! I’ve been scared by them all the time and I always have my favourite plushie mr fred bear i’ve always had him so I don’t get scared but that was not what what I got I had a flashlight and 2 doors and 1 closet and I had a scary dream and then i heard the door open !. i was thinking about the stories at school “is someone there hello” i said in a scared voice i walked at the drawer to grab my flashlight and heard closely i couldn't hear anything “hmm i wonder who opened my door” i said so i turned my flashlight on and saw something flick so i came in the kitchen but why was the tap on? “ hello is someone here” and turned the tap off “i'm going back to bed” and i heard a deep laughing sound it sounded like a person and it was hard so i went up stairs and i was searching for clues but i didn’t care so i went to bed and then a running noise came up but which door right or left? Eeny meeny miny moe “left” and when i came by the door i heard breathing i was pretty scared and shuted the door then it was 6am and then i heard a walk away and when i opened the door and it was gone i walked to the hallway and when i saw the plushie he was on the ground but i putted him on the chair and threw him in the trash                                                

Night 2

“Hey big brother” i said in a not voice “did you know that someone was in the house” i said “no there wasn't i was there” terence said “so you tried to scare me and you made the running sound” i said “yes and no and hey want to go and get your teddy”in a suspicious voice “ok after lunch ok” 10  minutes later “ok i’m going to get my teddy ok and i'm not a baby” “say since you're scared of animatronics i gave you another toy” “nooooo!” “yup and let's take a walk” i gulped 5minutes later “so we’re here and i’m going to the toilet ok so stay here” and so i waited and waited he’s been in there for 20 minutes i don’t think he’s here and my friends at school are here and her name was sasha and now it was molly and i was  going to ask her to come at my house but she just thinks i’m invisible so i'm just going to ask her out “hey um you want to come at my house for the night ?” i said “yes i will” she she said and i was happy about that and waited 20 minutes and she came “hi welcome to my house molly” i said “thank you chris so what should we do” she said “i don't know and did you know that someone was in the house!!!” i said “really”she said “yes so why don’t your parents call the police”she said “but my parents were at work last night”   

The night of the living dummy at horrorland

My name is jack I have black short hair and I like to be spify.I got a sister alex and she has freckles on her face. She has long blond hair and she's 9 years old and I am too. I liked dummies so dose my sister but one day that something changed that day  i would never forget the horror that would knock your eyeballs out so let's get on with the story then.and I got a secret I get a chill on my spine if it's grinning at me and it's my birthday                                                                                                                

Page 1

 jack  It was a dark and stormy night jack and alex they were at horrer land one day jack and alex were at A shop called zombie pizzaria “hey come on I want to eat some pizza that they made” alex said impationtly I will soon but im going to a shop jack said jack looked at weird things like a bat thats mixed up with a baby lion  when he  walked up to the man and I said hey is there a dummy around but if you want slappy I can give you it and its for  $5.99 the man said it had a red bow tie a cool suit and had a grinn pointing at me that gave me the creeps and a chill on my spine and its the first time I had a dummy and it was like he getting rid of it.I will never know so I bout it and I had a plan with the dummy.alex was full at the zombie pizzaria whene she asked mum to go at the hounted house I never get scared zombies dont scare me ether not even ghosts.I like scaring peaple but my fear is my room its like a monster in the closet or whats under my bed even spiders and I feel like its going to crall up my blanket so I cover          

my whole body and make a hole in my bed and I know how it feels to be scared in rooms or other things and todays going to be the most scariest day of my life and i'm never going to forget.and I had a dream and that dream scared me and I woke up in midnight and the dream was all about the dummy that came to life so I came in where my dummy was I picked it up then something fell out of its pocket I putted the dummy on my bed and the paper that just fell out it had strange words it said read these words out loud to bring me to life and i'll be your friend for ever koru madonna loma aorma akola and then I watched the dummy but nothing happend so that was a waste of time so I went to bed I did not get that much sleep and then I heard something. I didn't know who it was so I came in the

kitchen I thought it was a robbery was at my house so I didn't want to tell my mum because I thought that she will call the police and im shy I don't like other people I like to take things into my own hands but no one was there I thought to myself maybe i'm hearing stuff butt what that cold wet stuff on my feet so I turned on the light and I can't believe my eyes I saw the dummy in a wet bucket ? when mum came down she saw a mess what did you do zakie mum said angrily I didn't  do it I said really didn’t do it but she didn’t believe me but then I remember the paper in the pocket but it can’t be it’s impossible look at this mess zakie have gone made i didn’t do it i told you I baid nobody has a wake mum said but more quistions  and go bake to bed now mum said.I walked up stairs and went to bed but how can it be I was just getting a drink of water and I it cant be the dummy but who putted him there it must be alex but the dummy wow so I whent to bed DAY ONE WITH THE DUMMY

Wake up! Wake up! Alex said what what?.is it true what's true.did you mess up my dress?.no I would never do such a thing.don't lie you lied about the mess on the ground and blamed the dummy maybe that's why you bought that dummy and I knew maybe you would scare me to believing the dummy that came to life or something so don't try to scare me or i’ll punch you.but I didn't do it really and no one me believe